Protecting Freedom from Being Devoured by Islam


Human beings are born free. Freedom of the individual therefore is a fundamental human right. An individual must be allowed to enjoy his life, his freedom as long as it does not temper with another individual's freedom and rights.


Freedom includes the freedom of thoughts and their expression in speeches or any other form. One has the right to reason, to explore and to seek the truth of any question—total freedom of thought. One must be able to think and reason without fear of persecution or prosecution. No one has the right to threaten, coerce, intimidate anyone with torture, prison or death for free expression of views that they do not agree with—no matter how abhorrent those views are to them.


We have the right to challenge any ideology, government, leaders of any state, heads of any organizations, the tenets and beliefs of any ideology—religious or otherwise. We have the right to write any thought, read any book, pursue any intellectual enterprise in the arts, literature, sciences, paint any picture, draw any caricature, no matter how offensive they are.


Human rights also include the right to change one’s religion without fear, the right to freely preach and practice one’s religion without coercion or intimidation but with liberty and tolerance in any country. It entails the right to explore the truth of any religious question, including the truth as to the origins, sources, and teachings of any religion. One has unqualified liberty to question any religion and its teachings; the right to condemn all religious practices that violate human rights. Human rights demand a complete rejection of religious teachings of extermination, genocide, murder, terror, violence, hate, torture, cruelty, intolerance and bigotry; and the right not to believe in God.


All human beings have the right to freedom and democracy, equality before the law, freedom of action, freedom of thought.


This right to freedom includes the right to challenge as much as to condemn evil acts ever committed in human history, such as the holocaust. About 4 years ago, British historian Irving Wallace was jailed in Austria for 7 months for writing a book calling holocaust was a fabrication; that no 6 million Jews died. To Wallace, it was a complete fairytale. As despicable as Wallace and his book are to all conscientious peoples, he had every right to write his book, make speeches challenging the holocaust. Freedom of expression can only be challenged when it incites hatred, violence and criminal acts.


Freedom of speech is not designed to protect the rights of a majority of people to express their views but must extend to even one single individual holding a differing view. It is the actions of a brave few individuals that challenged the morality of slavery and oppression leading to liberation of the Blacks in America.


Just as it is now against the law to challenge the holocaust in many countries of Europe, it is also a crime punishable by jail to say that the Armenian genocide never occurred. In Turkey, any historical exploration of the Armenian tragedy that differs from the version of the Turkish state is a criminal violation of law code 301, insulting Turkishness.


Why should we care about people like Wallace who claim the holocaust was a fabrication, or Turkey writers who are jailed for claiming the Armenian genocide was directly orchestrated Turkish state in the 1910s or writers that can be prosecuted in the EU for taking the opposing position put out by the Turkey.


Freedom of speech, expression, press, democracy, can be bled to death not by a 1000 cuts. Just a few strategic stabs can leave our freedoms, that numerous brave people died defending, slowly bleed to death.


Like the ban on holocaust denial in Europe, Muslims are now demanding worldwide ban shielding the evil teachings of Islam, the murderous career of Muhammad, the violent hateful Allah from any critical examination. They seek an ban on all criticisms of Islam as criminal offense to be punished by hate laws. The criteria for committing a hate crime will be any speeches/writings Muslims find offensive. Exposing the danger that Islam poses to democracy through its doctrine of classifying unbelievers as kafirs, subhumans to be murdered, raped and enslaved; and seeking the destruction of all Western constitutions and their replacement with Sharia Law will now be declared hate crimes. However these hate laws, making any exposition of the truth about Islam—the Koran, Muhammad and Allah—a crime, cannot be used to criminalize the teachings of hate and extermination, the incitement to murder that pollute the Koran and Hadiths. Islam will now be protected as a religion and therefore protected by legislation against the freedom of speech. This will give Islam a free rein to seek the destruction of all other religions and worldviews making Islam supreme; and Sharia, the laws of the land.


A full-scale intellectual jihad has been launched from the United Nations against freedom of expression in France, Britain, Finland, Netherlands, Brussels, Canada, USA. Under the guise of protecting human rights, the UN has outlawed criticism of Islamic supremacism and abhorrent Sharia laws. France is banning access to all hate sites (read anti-Islam) sites. A blogger was jailed for 2.5 years in Finland for criticizing Islam. In Brussels, kafir women are being attacked and raped for not wearing headscarves. Christian missioners have been banned from Muslim areas of British cities for spreading hate. Gays are being beaten on the streets of Amsterdam. Jews are being killed on the streets of Germany and France. Young German boys are killed for dating Muslim women. An Austrian legislator (Elisabeth Wolff) was convicted of a crime for denigrating Islam for calling Muhammad a pedophilia for sexually molesting Baby Aisha (his 6 year old child wife) and raping her when she was 9. A hate tribunal in Canada  prosecuted writer Mark Steyn for quoting a Swedish Imam that Muslims are breeding like mosquitoes and will soon overrun Europe. In the US, the Muslim organization CAIR is engaged in legal jihad, bringing lawsuits against such notable commentators as radio star Michael Savage, attacking the advertising base to shut down their programs. Self-censorship is being imposed by web sites, newspapers, worldwide removing all articles or commentaries condemning Islam from their public forums. An American judge in Pennsylvania enforces Sharia Law and rules that Muslims have a right to assault people who offend them.


Islam is creed that takes liberty in violating freedom and human rights of others as divine legal rights. What in liberal democracy is a right to freedom of expression of every individual brings punishment of barbaric proportion in Islam:


Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam [Koran 5:33]


"The punishment of those who pit themselves against Allah and His Messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement, except those who repent before you have them in your power" (5:33-34)

Let us expose Islam's hatred of freedom, liberty and human rights in its own writings.


Allah's hatred of Jews, non-Muslims:


5.60 God has cursed the Jews, transforming them into apes and swine and those who serve the devil

8:55 Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve

16: 27-29 Disbelievers are evil and will dwell in hell forever.

Here are a sample of Allah's teachings and commands regarding the Jews:

2.61 Wretchedness and baseness were stamped on the Jews and they were visited with wrath from Allah. 

2:96 Jews are the greediest of all humankind. They'd like to live 1000 years. But they are going to hell. 

4:160-1 For the wrongdoing Jews, Allah has prepared a painful doom. 

4.16 And for the evildoing of the Jews, we have forbidden them from some good things that were previously permitted them. 

5.82 Indeed you will surely find that the most vehement of men in enmity to those who believe are the Jews and the polytheists. 

5.60 God has cursed the Jews, transforming them into apes and swine and those who serve the devil. 

9.29 Fight against such of those have been given the Scriptures, Jews and Christians, as believe not in Allah nor the last Day. 

9.34 Many of the rabbis and the monks devour the wealth of mankind and wantonly debar men from the way of Allah.

Allah's incitement of violence against non-Muslims:


So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief, non-Muslims) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone (in the whole world). 8:39

It is not fitting for an Apostle that he should have prisoners of war until He thoroughly subdued the land….” (Allah insisting Prophet to kill all the prisoners, and should not keep any surrendered prisoners alive) 8:67

Wipe out the infidels (non-Muslims) to the root. 8:7

Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood. 9:123

Allah's incitement of war:


2:190 fight in the cause of god against those who fight you, but do not transgress, god does not like the aggressors.*

2:191 kill them wherever you find them, and expel them from where they expelled you, and know that persecution is worse than being killed. Do not fight them at the restricted temple unless they fight you in it; if they fight you then kill them. Thus is the reward of those who do not appreciate.

2:192 if they cease, then god is forgiving, compassionate.

2:193 fight them so there is no more persecution, and so that the system is god’s. If they cease, then there will be no aggression except against the wicked.*

2:194 the restricted month is for the restricted month. The restrictions are mutual. Whoever attacks you, then you shall attack him the same as he attacked you; and be conscientious of god, and know that god is with the righteous.

We non-Muslims must not call for violence against Muslims in similar language. Some non-Muslims seek to counter the violent and hateful teachings of Islam in the same coin, but we civilized people must strive to conquer hate of Islam staying within civilized limits. We can conquer it best by exercising the freedom of expression, which allows exposure of the call for the extermination, genocide, killing, murder, torture and brutality of infidels inherent in Islam, without incitement to violence against Muslims.


The Koran aka Allah incited extermination, genocide and murder of kafirs which Muhammad and his followers and subsequent Muslims practised over the last 14 centuries. Islam is guilty of hate-crimes and genocide of catastrophic proportions. We must exercise our right to freedom of expression to intellectually attack the Koran and Islam to destroy its ideology, but not advocate violence against Muslims in the same terms.


Freedom and democracy face the greatest danger today from the cults of Islam. All free-spirited people, who cherish freedom and liberty, have to act relentlessly to emasculate Islam to protect the free world. We cannot be ignorant and stand and watch freedom and democracy sink. Appeasement is not an option either. Neither can we advocate respect—respect of different people, beliefs, cultures—which has become the post-modern canonical mantra in western democracies. Our respect for Islam will sink all our achievements, ethos and values—freedom and democracy, humanity, decency, respect, rule of law, equality of mankind, equality of women, The Enlightenment.


The best civilized means of fighting this struggle against Islam is our valued right to freedom of expression. We must not give in to the pressure the Muslim world directing at us directly and through the UN and disown our hard-earned fundamental human right. We must not only protect but also apply the freedom of expression resolutely in exposing the barbaric and genocidal nature of Islam to destroy it intellectually and help 1.5b Muslims join the rest of humanity on a civilized, equitable term. If we want to achieve this Herculean feat, we must remember Benjamin Franklin once said:


When you sacrifice a little bit of freedom for a little bit of security, you get neither freedom nor security.






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